Las Colibrí “Measure for Measure” Soundtrack now Available!

10 Jun
Buy your copy at the Tudor Guild Giftshop Today!


3 Responses to “Las Colibrí “Measure for Measure” Soundtrack now Available!”

  1. Since Las Colibri has been in town we have not been able to stop humming Ei-yi-yi-yi.

    You have given the festival, the green show and the Battle of the Beans a lift that we have really enjoyed. We are looking forward to more this year and hopefully next.

    If any or all of you would like to join us for breakfast one morning we and our guests would love to hear your story.

  2. James Quattlebaum June 30, 2011 at 3:21 PM #

    If you were lucky enough to see “Measure for Measure” at the OSF this season, then you already know how vital this music was to the production — it would have been a lesser play without it. As a “gringo”, I was never drawn to male mariachi bands’ music. In this case, I became an instant fan of Las Colibri’s music, excellent musicianship, and superb vocals and vocal harmony. This CD will transport you back into the magic of the play.

    If you have never seen “Measure for Measure”, then use this opportunity to discover the amazing music of Las Colibri!

  3. Liz Hawkins September 30, 2011 at 2:32 PM #

    Loved “discovering” you in “Meadure for Measure!” stunning, tight harmonies – and Susie’s voice conveys such emotion. Brought tears to my eyes!

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